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home1Marisa Volonterio, after studying medicine, makes a trip to the Orient that would change her life. She spent many years there, where she specialized in Chinese Traditional Medicine and found her Spiritual Master.

She returns periodically to the Occident, where she is dedicated to give courses, conferences, food orientation and philosophy classes.

She adopts the Kingdom of Cambodia as her spiritual country, contrasting with Uruguay, her motherland, and Italy, her ancestral land.

She is the founder and director of SenMonorom Center, created in 1997.

SenMonorom Center

There is no greatest wealth than HEALTH.

Without it, no leader can be such. It is hard to believe that anyone can achieve success without help, and it is even harder to believe he can keep it. Great warriors and wise men search in health for the greatest tool and weapon for their daily battles. Modern leaders forget this philosophy, and underestimate the importance of physical, mental and spiritual health.

SenMonorom Center has as objective to present to these modern leaders a new vision of health, one that is oriental and dynamic. It concentrates in the building of values that every leader must possess, stressing that to achieve these values, one must have an optimal health.